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Amaretto Fudge ~ Almond liquor and Chocolate ~ Mmmmmmmm
Best of 2 Worlds Fudge _ Caramel and peanuts in the middle with vanilla on the bottom and chocolate fudge on top!
Bolivian Wild Chocolate Fudge _ A deeper, richer chocolate flavour
Butterscotch Salted Caramel Fudge _ Sweet and salty. Are you salivating yet
Chai Latte Fudge = Chai Latte in solid form
Chewy Praline Fudge _ A layer of Chewy Swiss Caramel with Candied Pecans.
Chocolate Coconut Fudge Remember the Bounty bars with the coconut in the middle
Classic Maple Fudge _ it just doesn’t get any more Canadian!
Creamsicle Fudge _ Tastes just like the orange and vanilla ice cream!
Crème Brûlée Fudge, Favorite dessert anyone
Dark Chocolate Lemon Zest Fudge _ there is nothing like it - Yumm!
English Toffee Fudge Toffee, Chocolate & Ground Almonds mixed with French Vanilla Fudge. Like a Skor Bar
French Vanilla Fudge _ Some flavours are just classic!
Fresh Blackberry Fudge Fresh Blackberries making all the flavour! Seasonal
Grandma's Brown Sugar Fudge with Ginger, Just like a gingersnap cookie!
Hazelnut Truffle Fudge _ Delightful layers of Hazelnut and Chocolate!
Ice Mint Fudge _ Extremely minty and wonderfully refreshing!
Java Jolt Fudge _ Need a pick me up Coffee and chocolate Fudge!
Maple Chocolate Fudge _ A combination of 2 classic flavours can only be good!
Maple Walnut Fudge with crunchy, fresh Walnuts. Classic!
Mayan Chocolate Fudge _ Hot Chile Pepper and cinnamon! Watch out for the afterburn!
Mint Chocolate Fudge Just like an after dinner mint!
Orange Chocolate Fudge Tastes just like those Terry's Chocolate Oranges at Christmas time!
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge One of my staff said this is like Reese's Pieces on steroids! So good!
Pecan Caramel Clusters Fudge. Just like Turtles Chocolates!
Praline Delight Fudge Chewy Swiss Caramel with candied Pecans with Chocolate swirled on top
Red Velvet Fudge So pretty and tasty with the red layers of Chocolate and Cheesecake. Seasonal
Rocky Road Fudge _ Walnuts and Marshmallows in Chocolate Fudge! Decadent!
Root Beer Fudge _ Tastes just like an A and W Root Beer Float!
Rum Raisin Fudge So chocolaty and so rummy. Life is good!
Salty Caramel Fudge _ Sea Salt and Caramel with Dark Chocolate
Smooth Chocolate Fudge Nothing boring about Classic Smooth Chocolate Fudge!
Sour Lemon Fudge _ pucker up now
Strawberry Cheesecake Mmmmmmm! Strawberry Cheesecake!
Tiger Butter Fudge Peanut Butter layered with French Vanilla. Seasonal
Vanilla Chocolate Fudge _ A beautiful relationship!
Watermelon Fudge _ Complete with seeds - LOL