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Amaretto Fudge ~ Almond liquor and Chocolate ~ Mmmmmmmm
Best of 2 Worlds Fudge _ Caramel and peanuts in the middle with vanilla on the bottom and chocolate fudge on top!
Butterscotch Salted Caramel Fudge _ Sweet and salty. Are you salivating yet
Chewy Praline Fudge _ A layer of Chewy Swiss Caramel with Candied Pecans.
Classic Maple Fudge _ it just doesn’t get any more Canadian!
Creamsicle Fudge _ Tastes just like the orange and vanilla ice cream!
Dark Chocolate Lemon Zest Fudge _ there is nothing like it - Yumm!
French Vanilla Fudge _ Some flavours are just classic!
Hazelnut Truffle Fudge _ Delightful layers of Hazelnut and Chocolate!
Ice Mint Fudge _ Extremely minty and wonderfully refreshing!
Java Jolt Fudge _ Need a pick me up Coffee and chocolate Fudge!
Maple Chocolate Fudge _ A combination of 2 classic flavours can only be good!
Mayan Chocolate Fudge _ Hot Chile Pepper and cinnamon! Watch out for the afterburn!
Rocky Road Fudge _ Walnuts and Marshmallows in Chocolate Fudge! Decadent!
Salty Caramel Fudge _ Sea Salt and Caramel with Dark Chocolate
Sour Lemon Fudge _ pucker up now
Vanilla Chocolate Fudge _ A beautiful relationship!
Watermelon Fudge _ Complete with seeds - LOL